I Promise You Freedom.

By ambitiouspromises

January 23, 2012

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As I perused this quick article today, I found myself exclaiming, “Yes!” over and over.  I find myself slowly undoing my own mindset of what education is.  I seem to find these articles at just the right time, as in the times I’m banging my head against a wall while I’m met with resistance about how I am teaching.  Sam likes hands-on, mechanical stuff (of which I know nothing…), Ava likes reptiles and abhors busy work (but how will I assess her?!), and Emma, oh poor Emma, just wants to learn how to read (she. asks. everyday.).  So, this article really just backs me up.  I promise you, my dear ones, the freedom to learn.  Mama is trying…just give her some time to “undo” her mindset.