It’s been a crazy few months…

By ambitiouspromises

January 19, 2011

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Wow, thought I’d be a little more faithful in blogging about our homeschooling journey, but I soon learned that other things often have to take priority.  Thought I’d share a few shots of my children enjoying their lessons on farm animals.  My sister (aka Martha Stewart/Science Guru/Awesome teacher) was so generous in offering to teach a few units this school year with us.  On this particular day, they learned about cows and their 4 stomachs, cud chewing, and milk production.  They also made their own butter which was rather cool.  Our animals unit culminated with an uber-fun trip to the Harrisburg Farm Show.  I’ll have to post more photos of that field trip later.  But, to see my children’s faces as they looked at a cow slightly differently and realized just how disgusting that “cud” really is…oh that was priceless!

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One Response to “It’s been a crazy few months…”

  1. Looks like FUN!
    So glad you are enjoying your first school year at home:))

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