Silly socks and Lo Mein.

By ambitiouspromises

February 24, 2011

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So, I’ve been digging deep inside the dark depths to find the true joy that surrounds me everyday.  Yes, we all recognize the small joys but do we really give them the recognition and fullness of attention they deserve?  I surely do not.  The last few days have been eye-opening as I read each chapter of “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.  I’ve gradually tried to put some of her words into practice in the everyday.  The kids and I started a list of our own during homeschool days and I’m proud to say that each of my children listed God in their Top 3.  Do I?   They eagerly identify new “gifts” and I watch them find small joys in simplicity.  A clutter-free playzone, puppy drool, comfy clothes…have they always been so appreciative?  Maybe it’s been me that’s been ungrateful and inattentive to the simple.

The gifts I’m enjoying today:

#1 Sam’s new blog, “” We struggle, he and I, to get his thoughts into words and eventually onto paper.  It wasn’t until he confided in me a few days ago that he “wasn’t smart.”  After a private mama meltdown, I realized that I quickly needed to save my boy’s self-confidence before it was too late and a pattern had been carved.  Guess what…my boy is quite the natural blogger and we didn’t battle over capitals, periods, and complete sentences.  He just wrote.  Aaaahhh.  Please take a minute to comment on his blog, he’s anxious to know who is reading his writings.

#2 Silly Sock Day:  Hahaha.  Yesterday was unofficially the day to wear unmatched socks.  Why?  Because clean laundry piles begging to be cared for as well as dirty ones mutating into lovely creatures prevented poor Emma from having a nice, crisp pair of white socks.  Oh well, it is what it is.

#3 Chicken Lo Mein:  A major craving satisfied at supper, breakfast, then lunch today.  Love those noodles.

#4 Frosty Candle Glass:  I love candles and I also have to chuckle at the way my children run around like the Safety Patrol blowing them out.  They learned that from their dad.  Hilarious.  I especially love apple cinnamon…heavenly how it masks the aroma coming from Snickers the hound.  What’s even better is that in the photo I quickly took, Ava is in the background feeling better after a bout with something germy this morning.

Simple. Joyful. Always look forward.  I think God is pretty proud of us, and me, for actually putting my nose to the grind.  I had started to feel a little sorry for myself and yet again, question my path.  He sent me some affirmation…always joy.

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One Response to “Silly socks and Lo Mein.”

  1. Yay, Sam!
    Tom JUST bought me an apple/cinnamon candle!
    I would like to think that some of the Mellott Kids’ Safety Ideas also came from co-op, hee hee!!!
    Gotta’ love those socks!
    Our pediatric nurse ALWAYS wears two different fun socks…they never match…it is her “calling card” so-to-speak…my kids love it!
    Good for you in seeking the JOYS of simplicity…looks like you’re off to a great start!

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