A Special Promise

By ambitiouspromises

January 17, 2012

Category: Uncategorized


Wow, it’s really been since April since my last post? I guess life takes over sometimes. A lot has happened over the last 9 months (ironic…) and I wish I could say it was all butterflies and rainbows. We certainly had our share of rainbows but you need both the sunshine and the rain to see the amazing colors. I thought it would be nice to announce this here and not quite as obnoxiously as doing so on Facebook (although, I’m not sure I can stop myself…). I know my readership on this blog may not be high, but thank you for stopping by and feel free to read up on our story a few posts back. You’ll know how much of an incredible announcement this is for our family. I know, it’s a bit corny and it may take a minute to figure it out. No, I’m not having pasta for dinner although it has been a favorite of mine lately…


3 Responses to “A Special Promise”

  1. SOOOOOO happy for you guys! What a special blessing from the Lord. You are a radiant Mama!

  2. LOL, perfect way to make the announcement! I can not wait to rub that bump!

  3. love, love, love the official announcement, in true Suzanne style!!

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